Products offered by LCN Windows

In addition to retailing of a vast selection of exterior doors, LCN Windows manufactures quality PVC windows in their factory in Nigadoo, near Bathurst NB. These custom-made products are tailored to fit your tastes regarding style and color. LCN Windows offers a choice of 5 Combo-PVC colors: Storm, Sandstone, Canyon Clay, Wicker, and Almond. Combo-PVC is a highly resistant material because the color is not painted on, but rather is part of the PVC itself. However, if your creativity makes you choose another color than those offered in Combo-PVC, we can paint your windows and steel doors the color of your choice with a highly resistant paint process.

Window Manufacturing

LCN Windows specialises in high-performance PVC windows. Our quality products are manufactured onsite by our meticulous team so we can provide you a window that will stand the test of time.Our windows are custom-made to your choice of style and measurements in order to enhance the appearance and comfort of your home.

Single Hung Window

LCN Windows - 42 & 43 SeriesLCN Windows - 40 & 48 Series

Casement Window

LCN Windows - 5 & 1 SeriesLCN Windows - 2 & 8 Series

LCN Windows - 7 & 3 SeriesLCN Windows - 4 Series

Awning Window

LCN Windows - 10 CV & 20 CV SeriesLCN Windows - 10 B & 20 B Series


  • Universal brick mould (1 1/8", 2", 4") with integrated siding return.
  • Different types of glass.
  • Integrated grills.
  • Interior wood extension cladded with PVC or all PVC interior extension.
  • PVC moulding.

Door Retailing

LCN Windows also sells high-performance insulated exterior steel doors which will give you high energy efficiency.

Types of doors offered by LCN Windows

  • Exterior Steel Door: visit our supplier's website, Novatech
  • Patio Door: visit our supplier's website, Decko
  • Garage Door: visit our supplier's website, Garex

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